Thanks for stopping by Vintager – my simple beginning in the journey of welding, industrial metal works and wood works; Hi, ,my name is Nagi, this is my newly acquired hobby, and have just started to learn about the tools, art and such. This beginning started in June 2017.

In this site, you will find pages, pictures and videos related to my workshop, tools, projects, learnings and more.  I am just a beginner as of now, and most of the stuff you will see here might be redundant to you if you’re already a veteran into this sort of a thing.  But, if you’re a new guy like me in this town, I hope this site will offer you something of interest in your own learning.



I will do my best to keep this site, my YouTube channel for this hobby up to date as I progress (or lack there of).

While you are here, please also visit my Ham Radio hobby site here

Thanks again


(John 3:16)